Center for Educator Preparation


The CSU Educator Licensing Program is both state and nationally accredited. The accreditation process ensures that that teacher education programs are meeting standards and expectations set forth by state and national agencies.

State Accreditation

The Licensing Program is accredited by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and the Colorado Department of Education.

Teacher Education Accreditation Council

National Accreditation

Teacher Education Accreditation Council

The Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) awarded national accreditation to the Teacher Licensing Program at the Center for Educator Preparation (CEP) – Colorado State University on March 26, 2010. TEAC is recognized as a national accreditor by the United States Department of Education (USDE) and by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

The Teacher Licensing Program joins more than 100 accredited programs in 21 states with TEAC-accredited educator preparation programs. Dr. Frank B. Murray, President of TEAC, commented, “Only a bare majority of the nation’s college and university teacher education programs and programs for professional educators in the United States are nationally accredited. We welcome CEP to this select group.”

Founded in 1997, TEAC is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving academic degree programs for professional educators—those who will teach and lead in schools pre-K through grade 12. Accreditation by TEAC is a voluntary system of quality review for educator preparation programs. It is designed to assure both education professionals and the public of the institution’s commitment to academic quality and fiscal integrity as well as stimulate on-going improvement in its educator preparation program. Graduates of accredited programs can be confident that they are well prepared as competent, caring, and qualified educators—the main goal of TEAC.

To be accredited by TEAC, a teacher education program must have solid, independently verifiable evidence of its graduates’ competence. In particular, the program must show that its graduates understand the subject matter they are certified to teach, understand the process of learning and teaching, and possess teaching skills that lead students to appropriate levels of achievement. The program must also have an ongoing process for reviewing and improving itself, and must demonstrate that it has the capacity to offer quality education.

The TEAC accreditation process includes two levels of decision-making, culminating in a decision by TEAC’s Accreditation Committee, which includes representatives of both the public and the education profession.

In making the accreditation announcement, Dr. Murray noted “We congratulate the CEP Program on this significant accomplishment and appreciate their dedicated work for students and educators in Colorado.”

Title II Reporting for the U.S. Department of Education and the State of Colorado:

Title II is the report that is required by the Colorado Department of Education and the USDE and is intended to report teacher candidate performance on the PLACEĀ® exam. Individual institution scores are also compared with all State's scores. Ultimately, the CSU scores will be compared with scores from the other 15 Colorado teacher education programs.