Center for Educator Preparation

Admission and Application

You can apply to the master's degree and principal licensure or the principal licensure only. The admission and application information below is for the master's degree and principal licensure. View the “admission and application information for the principal licensure only” (this will be linked to a new page called Admission and Application (Principal Licensure only)) Before applying to the degree and licensure program, it is strongly recommended that you contact the program coordinator well in advance of the application deadline to understand and fulfill all requirements.

Minimum Admission Requirements

The educational leadership, renewal, and change (M.Ed.) degree and principal licensure requires applicants to have the following:

  • Bachelor's degree from a regionally-accredited institution
  • Demonstrated leadership potential
  • Valid teaching license
  • At least three years of teaching experience
  • GRE scores are not required.

  • Note that meeting the minimum department standards does not ensure admission to the program. Admission to Colorado State University graduate programs is based on a number of factors, including prior academic and professional experience and the personal statement. Before your application for graduate study is considered, all application materials must be received by the department.

    Submit Application Materials

    Gather all of the following materials and submit to the Center for Educator Preparation in one complete packet:

  • University Non-degree Application
    • Download application form
  • School of Education Application
    • Download application form (TE 4 form)
  • Status Form
    • Download status form (TE 3 form)
  • $50 Application Fee
    • Check should be written to Colorado State University and included with your non-degree application.
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
    • In sealed envelopes with at least one letter from either a teacher, advisor, or faculty member.
  • Official Transcripts
    • Include one official transcript of all collegiate work completed from every institution attended, whether or not you received a degree from those institutions. Transcripts from Colorado State University are not required.
  • Teaching Certificate
    • Include one copy of valid teaching certificate.
  • Cohort Application
    • Include the completed and signed application form (download application form). It should be signed by the administrator with whom you will complete your internship. Include a short letter of support from that administrator documenting that she/he agrees to provide internship experience for you.
  • Statement of Purpose
    • Summarize your long-term professional and educational goals and how this program will contribute to both.

    All materials should be sent to the address as below:

      Dr. Wendy Fothergill
      Center for Educator Preparation
      Colorado State University
      1588 Campus Delivery
      Fort Collins, CO 80523-1588

    You will be notified via email regarding the status of your application:

    Application Deadline

      CSU Cohort May 15 (Summer 2015 semester)