Center for Educator Preparation

Teacher Licensure

Welcome to Educator Licensing at Colorado State University! We're delighted that you are considering teaching as a career and hope we can help you accomplish your goals. Our program is built on partnerships with the local school districts that allow future teachers to gain experience in real schools with real students from the very beginning of the program. In Colorado, bachelor’s degrees are not awarded in general education, so in order to obtain a teaching license you will earn a bachelor’s degree in a content area. The Educator Licensing Program at Colorado State University offers these teaching endorsement areas for students:

  • Ages 0-8 (Pre-K - Grade 3): Early Childhood Education
  • Kindergarten - Grade 12: Art, Foreign Languages, Instructional Technology, Music
  • Secondary - Grades 7-12: Agricultural Education, Business Education, English, Family and Consumer Studies, Marketing Education, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Speech, Technology Education.

If you already have a degree and are seeking a teaching license, we have two options:

What is the difference between the School of Education and the Center for Educator Preparation ?

  • The Center for Educator Preparation (CEP) is a center within the School of Education that focuses on the preparation of teachers and principals.
  • The School of Education awards graduate degrees in education.
  • The CEP recommends candidates for teacher licensure in the State of Colorado.
  • Students will complete the requirements of their degree program, receive a degree in that particular area of study, and complete the requirements of the teacher licensure program concurrently.

If you have further questions, please contact us. We welcome your visit to our office, your phone call, or your email.