Teacher Licensure

Student Teaching

Student teaching is generally considered to be the single most important experience in a teacher preparation program. Its powerful influence on the future success and direction of prospective teachers is greater than any other single segment of their formal education. It is with this knowledge that we strive to develop close partnerships with partner schools and mentor teachers. By working together we hope to nurture the professional growth of teacher candidates, support the continued professional development of mentor teachers, and provide for quality learning experiences for the children in our schools.

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  • Student Teaching Handbook
  • Student Teaching Application
  • Forms for evaluating student teaching
    • Student Teacher Assessment of Classroom Teaching
      For a 15-week secondary or 16-week ECE or M.Ed. placement, we ask the mentor teacher and university coach (supervisor) to each complete four formal observations of the student teacher.
      For K-12 or ECE 8-week placements, we ask that the student teacher be formally observed by the mentor teacher and university coach (supervisor) at least two times each per each 8-week placement.
      In total, the teacher candidate should finish the semester with a minimum of 8 formal observations (four from mentor teacher(s), and four from university coach).
      The mentor teacher and university coach (supervisor) may choose to use the form or SHORT form for observations. They may complete four forms OR one working document.
    • Center for Educator Preparation Teacher Candidate Dispositions
      All teacher candidates must earn an overall "proficient" rating on the Dispositions check sheet during student teaching.
    • Standards Portfolio Guidelines
      This form allows the university coach (supervisor) to evaluate and grade the standards portfolio. Given the Colorado accreditation requirement of teacher preparation programs, we urge mentor teachers to learn about and support the teacher candidate’s preparation of and obligations around the standards portfolio.
    • The CEP Student Teaching Website will be used by the University coach to upload observations and evaluate/provide feedback on the cumulative student teaching evaluation and the standards portfolio evaluation. Student teachers are encouraged to visit this website to view their feeback and to check their grades.
  • Colorado Department of Education - Educator Preparation, Licensing and Enforcement
  • Co-Teaching
  • Suggested Student Teaching Timeline
  • Responsibilities of the Cooperating Teacher

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the CEP Advising Center in-person at 111 Education Building or via phone at (970) 491-5292; or email Juliana Searle at Juliana.Searle@colostate.edu with any questions.